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Got Jokes? – Super Mom?

I have heard it all now! Everybody has heard of crackheads, but this case sheds new light on the meaning. I found this article that deals with a Super Mom. She is just a regular mom, however, crack gives her super powers. I guess? What if I told you that this mom gave birth in less than sanitary conditons. The hospital setting is at a crappy motel. Where Super Mom goes into labor. Instead of picking up the phone to call for help she picked up the pipe. It gets better.

Got Jokes? – Blowjobs? Illegal?

Ok I know there are several states that make their own ridiculous laws, but c’mon man. This is 2014. We all need to get over drugs, sex, and Rock n Roll. They have been happening for decades and they are by no means ready to slow down. Can you believe that in some states it’s forbidden to give or recieve oral. What? That’s right no oral in a few select states still! However, what they lack in some parts of the bedroom they try to make up in others? Beleive it or not the American states where blowjobs are illegal, necrophilia is accepted. Now with a model of uncool places to live check it out. Here’s the story.

Got Jokes? – You got it stuck? Where?

Paging Mr. Rippley? What you were asked if you to put a jump rope in your penis? No way! No how! I mean, c’mon. Man, what are you talking about? I’m talking about a man who got a jump rope stuck in his penis. What kind of jump rope you ask? Neon green! The man decided that getting the rope stuck was too much of a pain in the dick. He liked it and all, but for some reason thought urinating was more important. Well, sooorrrrryyyyy. Maybe he should have thought of that first! Here’s the saga.

Got Jokes? – 50 Orgasms A Day?

We all associate an orgasm with pleasure but, not for this young lady. Amanda Gryce who is 24 years old can orgasm up to 50 orgasms a day. She has a disorder called, Persistant Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD). Gryce, who has been dealing with this since she was about 6 years of age is seeking treatment that she believes will help her. While this sounds funny and crazy, this is no laughing matter for the one going through it, as you can imagine. Read the story here! While there are some great benefits to an oragsm, eleven to be exact as per the Huff Post. This woman cannot be benefitting at all from this disorder.

Stephen Colbert to Host the Late Show

Stephen Colbert to Host the Late Show

Oh yeah! You read that right… It has been announced that Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report fame (get that pronunciation right son!) will succeed the great David Letterman as host of the Late Show.

CBS has named Colbert as its new host and he will take on his new gig after next year when Letterman retires. David Letterman has been host of the Late Show for 21 years. I for one welcome the change but I do wonder, however, what will become of the Colbert Report?!

CBS’s Nina Tessler is quoted as saying this about their newly chosen Late Show host, “Stephen is a multi-talented and respected host, writer, producer, satirist, and comedian who blazes a trail of thought provoking conversation, humor and innovation with everything he touches.”

Got Jokes? – Seth Rogen and Crack!

Got Jokes? – Seth Rogen and Crack!

When you think of actor and comedian Seth Rogen you think of weed. This article is not about how he thinks that marijuana can and does make life better. This article is about his opinions about crack cocaine. The Canadian native when recently asked in an interview how he felt about a crack smoking mayor he replied, “Good.” Seth remarked that although the mayor may have smoked crack the city seemed to operate better than some U.S. cities that he’s encountered. He basically thinks that it couldn’t make problems worse in a city, especially in Detroit. Check it out.

Got Jokes? – Masseuse’s Vagina Hideaway

If you love crazy stories then this is right up your alley. It’s about a thief, but not your typical thief, this is the kind that massages you minus the happy ending. The crook is a masseuse who when not given any tip, no pun intended, decided to help herself to her clients luxury time piece. The watch, a Rolex, was taken without a second thought. The crazy comes into play when you hear that she stole the watch by hiding it in her vagina. I know, I know too crazy to believe right? Believe it! 

Got Jokes? – You were pretty drunk last night dude!

Everyone has taken part in their fare share of crazy dares and bets. The best and usually most insane ideas evolve when individuals partake in drinking, binge drinking to be exact. Everyone has heard of one of or witnessed one of this type of tale. This story is of a fellow who thought that it would be fun to take the drunken bet of swallowing an entire fork without getting hurt. After going to see the doctor the man was given the good news and the bad news. The good was an x-ray revealed that the utensil was not in a life threatening position, but the bad news was that it should be freed naturally. Ouch! Check it out.

Got Jokes? – Hanging Toilets Causing a Stink??

That was most certainly not our title but it sure stuck! A woman in Colorado is making a statement with her creativeness. She hung two toilets and a sink in her front yard from a tree. A neighbor called code enforment officers, find out here on ABC News. The homeowner who asked to remain anonymous said she has not seen anything like this in the fourteen years she lived there. Who knows, maybe someone will appreciate it!

Got Jokes? – Jim Harbaugh Does Push Ups with Walrus

In an impromptu push up sesh with a 1,750 pound Walrus named, Siku and the 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh went head to head  in a 17 second video. You can watch the video below to see who won. Harbaugh was in town with extended family. While visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, he also did several animal meet and greets. He bottle fed a tiger, fed bananas to an elephant, kissed a sea lion, did some push ups with a walrus. Sounds like an adventurous day! Check out the video here…