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Got Jokes? – Macaulay Culkin Pelted With Beer

Got Jokes? – Macaulay Culkin Pelted With Beer

Has anyone out there realized that the childhood star Macaulay Culkin is not dead? Ok. You may have known he was not dead, but did you know that he is now a rocker in a band. Oh yeah, if you happened to go to one of his shows lately you may have been one of the lucky fans to throw their pint of beer on him. Although I envy you, I wonder how much the show was? Did this person go just to throw a beer on him or did they genuinely go to the show to then realize Culkin was in the band?  Here’s the story.

Got Jokes? – Mini Kim & Kanye Wedding — We’re Just a Lil’ Married

Everyone’s really excited about Kimye and their recent celebration in marriage. Everyone except me I guess. Check out this article of Kim and Kanye in their miniature forms. I wonder what took them this long to understand that publicizing habitual life isn’t nearly as funny unless you have two versions. The good the bad and the who gives a shit. Regardless this video is hysterical and while it is not real, it was a show in Vegas. See the video here.

Got Jokes? – Dumb Criminals

Got Jokes? – Dumb Criminals

We all love hearing dumb criminal stories. We have picked five ultimate dumb criminals for you to read about. I am not sure how the hell these people make it in life so long in life. Nonetheless, here it is for our entertainment.

List of Dumb Criminals

Got Jokes? – Subway Put Marinara Sauce on My Pizza

People never cease to amaze us. A woman in North Carolina called 911 to report that she cannot eat marinara sauce and that Subway would not remake her pizza. Instead they offered to make a new sandwich. According to all Subways in Gastonia, NC they only use marinara sauce. Believe us, we called them all! You can listen to the audio here on Gawker’s website. Do people not understand that 911 is for emergencies and she was not in any sort of emergancy. She could have called the manager to complain or a corporate number. Not 911 lady, this is a huge fail on her part. In the end she was jailed for three minutes and let out on a $2,000 bond. FAIL!!

Got Jokes? – Deer Gone Wild

Got Jokes? – Deer Gone Wild

We have no words for this video. Funny or Die has made our day and this is not to be watched at work, just an FYI.  This advertisement for Deer Gone Wild is over the top funny and anyone that doesn’t find it funny doesn’t know their asshole from their elbow! Whoever created this has got a great sense of humor and we give them major kudos for this!

Got Jokes? – 5 Ridiculous Texts From Parents

Not sure about you but, I have def had some crazy texts from my father who did not know how to text or use a smart phone for a while. He didn’t understand auto correct and talk to text was a complete nightmare.

View Texts Here

Got Jokes? – J Lo, She gets it from her Mama!

Ok, everybody know Jenifer Lopez and her big beautiful booty. Some might think that this wonderful gene came from her father. Well your wrong and so was I! I saw her Dads’ butt and it is not even in the same club. It’s actually very normal. Put it this way, one cheek of J Lo is bigger than her Dads’ entire gluteus maximus. So after many resonable suggestions I have come to realize the massive rump was inherited from her Mom. Actually, from behind it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. Trust me drinking doesn’t help, it actually makes it worse, can you believe it! I came across these photos and video. Check it out.

Got Jokes? – Awkward Mornings

So this skit right here is how it goes down in Sin City? I didn’t even know that. Can you say awkward mornings?  Reagrdless, this is the ultimate mix up and one night stand. It goes to show how alcohol can play the culprit in these situations….watch here as Funny or Die does it again.


Got Jokes? – Random Funny Fails

Here is a random funny fails video we had to share after seeing. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have! You have to laugh at the stupidity of these people…Enjoy!

Got Jokes? – 13 Things Men Should Know about Pregnant Woman

Getting pregnant is supposed to be a fun and an exciting time for the happy couple. When you think about what woman go through during a pregnancy, I think better them than me right? Not really. We are about to share some great advice with you, although funny, we are serious! Woman get on this high horse about what they are going through from tired and hungry, to miserable, then laughing followed by crying, did I mention hungry?  When in reality we go through it too and put up with some crazy shit from them. We deal with all of the cravings, running out at 2 a.m. for an orange (yes this is true, as I have done it), we put on some weight with them. Most importantly sex is cut. From doing it all of the damn time trying to conceive the child to kaput , nothing! Check out the 13 things men should know about pregnant woman here on Huff Post